APA Membership Dues $100 | Member-in-Training $50
APA membership follows the calendar year January – December

Membership to APA

The American Pancreatic Association is a membership organization for physicians and researchers interested in diseases of the exocrine pancreas. Membership in the APA is open to everyone who shares the purpose of the APA and who have contributed to knowledge of the pancreas. The APA strives to continue advancing the field of research, while training the next generation of researchers devoted to finding a cure for these deadly diseases.

APA Members enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Membership of a professional and global network of pancreatologist experts
  • Dual membership in the International Association of Pancreatology
  • Annual electronic subscriptions to the Pancreas and Pancreatology Journals
  • Emails and newsletters regarding APA and IAP events and important information
  • APA and IAP award eligibility
  • Enjoy discounted registration fees at the APA Annual Meeting
  • Networking, career opportunities and friendships