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Membership in the APA is open to everyone who shares the purpose of the APA and who have contributed to knowledge of the pancreas (see Bylaws). Membership includes reduced rate to the Annual Meeting, and special subscription price for Pancreas.

The membership period is January 1 – December 31.

Full Membership Dues Member in Training Dues
$100 $50

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Programs Carried Out

Mini-Sabbatical Fellowship

The APA Mini-Sabbatical fellowship is a program, offered to young pancreatologists, to allow them to spend up to two months with a reputable pancreatic research center. This funding is intended for young pancreatologists to gain or expand skills in practice or research under the guidance of experts in the field of pancreatology. This fellowship is available to members of the American Pancreatic Association who are students, trainees, and junior faculty (up to Assistant Professor).

The fellowship is limited to a maximum stay of two months and can be done in the US or abroad.

Objectives of the APA Mini-Sabbatical:
  1. Support the career development of young investigators in pancreatology
  2. Foster new collaborations between institutions
  3. Provide young investigators in the area of pancreatology a chance to further their education in an area of interest or benefit to their current work
Guidelines of the APA Mini-Sabbatical:
  1. Fellowships are available for any area of pancreatology research – both clinical and basic science
  2. The mini-sabbatical can be from 1-week to 2-months
  3. The funding is for a maximum of $5,000 and is to support expenses including travel costs and accommodation. Salary, lab expenses at the host institution, and travel to meetings is not included
  4. Payments will be made after completion of the fellowship, for the actual amount spent (up to the awarded), based on expense documentation
  5. The fellow must submit an abstract for presentation at the annual APA meeting with the results of the fellowship

Please note : Applicants must be a current member of APA at the time of their application. Application deadlines are April 15, August 15, and December 15 each year. There will be a review committee appointed by the governing board for each review cycle. The sabbatical must be completed within 1 year of announcement of funding. The American Pancreatic Association does not pay overhead or indirect costs as part of any of its grants.